Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kawaii Goodies~

Also on Saturday, my older sister just came back from her business trip in China/vacation in Hong Kong and Taiwan. And she got me a lot of cute stuff from Taiwan-she got me cute bread keychains, erasers, and awesome pens:

On the left is the entire bread collection and on the right is my favorites of the collection. My sister told me each bread keychain is only 30 cents in U.S. money-that's a VERY good price :D. She also got me eraser sets and one pack of pens, my uncle in Taiwan gave me a vase filled with small, little flowers:

These are the eraser sets and the pen pack I got. On the right is the vase I got from my uncle (which my sister brought it home)and this is how it works: You don't need to water them, just put them in the sunlight and they'll grow. But if you do water them, the flowers will turn into buds again. They're called "Dry Flowers." I can't beileve Taiwan has so many cool things to buy and they're really cheap :D


  1. we've seen those bread keychains in a music/cute stuff store by Tea Bar, I think they're selling for US$4~6...

  2. Those dry flowers are so cool :D
    Visiting Japan and Taiwan are officially on my to do list! Well it always was but still! XD