Monday, May 31, 2010

My Awesome Saturday :D

So on Saturday I went to go do errands with my mom, my sister, and my brother-in-law. And while my mom was running her errands we passed by a cute shop full of stationary things like pencils, erasers, those cake towels, etc, etc. And I bought some things in the shop:

So I bought four erasers, each costed 99 cents and a Rilakkuma (Relax bear) lead pencil which caused about $2.00. I love the detail of the erasers and they're great additions to my collection. And the lead pencil works great :D The pencil came in a two more colors a brown one with a brown bear and a yellow one with a yellow duck, but I chose the cream-colored one.
Maybe some time I can post new pics of my eraser collection :D

P.S.: Kawaii Life will have a new look! It will be the same design but just a different color, and the border around the logo will be in a different color. So stay tune for more updates! :]

Monday, May 3, 2010

Iwako Erasers

So what are "Iwako" Erasers? And what IS Iwako? Its the company that makes erasers, but they're not just erasers. They're erasers that are shaped and made like food. These erasers are made in great detail, like if its a bowl of rice, they will make each and every single grain of rice in the bowl:

See how there's every single grain of the rice, the Iwako Co. makes very detailed erasers. Thats what I like about them and I collect those kinds of erasers. I wouldn't have the heart to use them cause they're so cute. On the right is my visual aid for my Japanese project.
I like the Pocky eraser , its one of my favorites. And theres the Japanese deserts pack. I think out of all my eraser collection, its the desserts that I like best :D You can buy these kinds of erasers on or eBay or special eraser websites that people have that sells them.
**I'll post pictures of my other Iwako erasers when I have time :]

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kawaii Goodies~

Also on Saturday, my older sister just came back from her business trip in China/vacation in Hong Kong and Taiwan. And she got me a lot of cute stuff from Taiwan-she got me cute bread keychains, erasers, and awesome pens:

On the left is the entire bread collection and on the right is my favorites of the collection. My sister told me each bread keychain is only 30 cents in U.S. money-that's a VERY good price :D. She also got me eraser sets and one pack of pens, my uncle in Taiwan gave me a vase filled with small, little flowers:

These are the eraser sets and the pen pack I got. On the right is the vase I got from my uncle (which my sister brought it home)and this is how it works: You don't need to water them, just put them in the sunlight and they'll grow. But if you do water them, the flowers will turn into buds again. They're called "Dry Flowers." I can't beileve Taiwan has so many cool things to buy and they're really cheap :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bakery N' Cafe

Today for Saturday, I went to a bakery where every single day its always jam-packed and full of people. The bakery is called 85 degrees Celsius, and their bread is so soft and fresh. Here's what the bakery looks like on the outside:

The sign of the bakery, how it looks in the inside: the bakery is always jam-packed. Here are some pics I took of some bread:

The tray of bread we bought, and the price. It's not really a ripoff but we did buy a lot of bread, and some of them were just out of the oven - like the brick toast.
After we bought the bread, we went to Nordstrom Cafe for lunch. The cafe has desserts, their famous tomato basil soup, and main entrees:

I didn't bother to order desserts cause I got full from the entrees and the soup. My brother-in-law ordered the Pesto Chicken Panini, I ordered the salmon. I liked how the soup is salty yet tangy and it just soothes your tastebuds :D!