Monday, May 3, 2010

Iwako Erasers

So what are "Iwako" Erasers? And what IS Iwako? Its the company that makes erasers, but they're not just erasers. They're erasers that are shaped and made like food. These erasers are made in great detail, like if its a bowl of rice, they will make each and every single grain of rice in the bowl:

See how there's every single grain of the rice, the Iwako Co. makes very detailed erasers. Thats what I like about them and I collect those kinds of erasers. I wouldn't have the heart to use them cause they're so cute. On the right is my visual aid for my Japanese project.
I like the Pocky eraser , its one of my favorites. And theres the Japanese deserts pack. I think out of all my eraser collection, its the desserts that I like best :D You can buy these kinds of erasers on or eBay or special eraser websites that people have that sells them.
**I'll post pictures of my other Iwako erasers when I have time :]

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